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I sale shape(s). o.o

So Ambitious” is now more than just a blog. I have created a store in my blog name. Starting with shapes 1st, slow moving to other things. Plus lately I’ve  been getting messages about the shapes that I made for the blog. So I got to thinking, why not sale them? o.o


Skin | Body Co. (Tiger)
Shades | Yummy
Necklace | Acide!
Bow tie | theosophy
Shirt | 2byte
Pantsnot so bad
Rings | epoque.
Cigarette | post
Boxers | Armidi
Shoes |   hoorenbeek
Shape | So Ambitious

Facial Hair | Cheerno

4th day….

I swear I’ve been wearing this jacket, for like 4 days straight. (lol)

So why not post it? 8~)



                                                                                                                                                        AYO! I love these boots all over again……..

                                                                                                                                        Two scarf shawdy……


Hair | Boon
Headband | theosophy
Beard | Cheerno
Jacket | Gabriel
Shirt | Gabriel
Scarf | theosophy
Pants | X-Ray
Shoes | Kookie