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Hair | Raw House
Ear Plugs | Aitui
Tattoos | Freak & Geeks
Necklaces | mandala
Rings/watch | mandala
Jacket | BareRose
Tee | kal rau
Jeans | Cestar
Belt | Mandala
Shoes | Weird Monkey Design

Warning: This BareRose denim jacket, does not fit over the Kal Rau V-neck. Both are mesh, and not really layer friendly. I still wanted to where them together. Looks nice with pics tho. lol -_-


Hood Star.


Skin | Body Co.
Teeth | PXL
Tattoos | Freaks & Geeks
Bandanna | Judas
Hair | Boon
Piercing | Pekka
Piercing 2 | Cobrahive
Necklace | Mandala
Rings | Mandala
Jacket | SAIKIN
Shirt | kal rau
Belt | Mandala 

Jeans | not so bad
Shoes | Tyler Park

whats that on your face.

Was looking through my inventory, found this a amazing beard don’t even remember buying it tho. D;

But took a quick snapshot, liked it so blogged it. (BTW in pretend land, it too me only 3 days to grow this beard.)



Hair | Cheerno
Skin | Body Co.
Glasses | Shade Throne (freebie)
Necklace1 | Modd.G
Necklace2 | mon tissu
Necklace3 | 2lag
Shit | 2 Byte
Jeans | Not So Bad
Shoes| Entente
Beard | Discord Designs
Cigarillo | NikotiN
Piercings |HOD
Bracelet | MANDALA

                                                                                                                                                                                       Later on, I shaved…….