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Slight Work.


Skin | Body Co. (Breeze)
Beard | Nanuk (bjorn)
Hair | LeLutka – (Swift)
Nose Piercing | Cobrahive
Bandanna | 1st Act
Tattoos | BlackFeet Tattoo’s (To the ends of the Earth)
Necklaces | Mon Tissu (floral Dis Pendant) + (Take Flight)
Coat | Saikin (Braided Fur)
Tank | TwInS Fashion
Rings | epoque
Jeans | Not So Bad (Jane Jeans. xs &s)
Shoes | Fir & Mina (The Citizen Boots Oyster)

+ Music Brake.

Mason Betha back? Joining Montana and Puff for the official remix of  Wale’s “Slight Work” Welcome back.



Hair | EGO ( fur)
Beanie | Maitreya (Unisex Beanie)
Necklace | LaGyo ( Mink fur necklace)
Ears | AITUI ([MESH]  Stretched Ear – Taper Spiral)
Shirt | chronokit (Check red)
Tee | Nanuk (kent tee)
Wrist | Furious Form (Wrist Bandana)
Rings | epoqueEpoquein Pyramid
Pants | Kapone ( Perdupant MESH)
Shoes | Reek (Patteson Flip Flops)

wet skittles.

Took a trip to BALKANIK 2.0, went there cause I seen they released new tattoos. Ended up buying hella other things also, you know how that is.  Someone told me I look like, someone threw wet skittles at me. O.o Normally I don’t wear a lot of colors, but today I wanted to be different.


Hair & Pick | BURLEY
Beanie | BALKANIK 2.0
Ears | AITUI – Vertigo Talon
Piercings | BALKANIK 2.0 (group gift)
Piercings2 | Cobrahive – N-Bone
Necklace | LaGyo – Mink fur necklace
Necklace2 | L’Atelier Sad’s Jewels – XXL Rosary Neck
Ringsepoque – Epoquein Pyramid
Tattoos | BALKANIK 2.0 – Scuicide-FullBody Tatoo+ Face Tatoo
Pants | Spirit Store

Check the side for SURL’s —->


I fu*kin’ love these mesh pants man…..

Plus I’m so happy that a lot of the more “urban” stores are popping up around S.L. Like these shoes from 2lag are the shit man, I bought them like in every color. Was a little inspired by some of the more “urban” styles of S.L lately. The hair was modified by me, from being bored on S.L with nothing to do, the original only has one ponytail. Changed my shape a little for those who care, simply made my chin longer, and jaws wider, I think it looks 20x better than before. Woo


Hair | Dura
Skin | Birth
Glasses | Shade Throne (group gift)
Piercings  | HOD
Piercings2 | Cobrahive
Necklace | 2lag
Tattoo | Glue Ink
Ears | Scrub
Jeans | chronokit
Shoes| 2Lag
Beard | Cheerno
bandanna | LCC
Watch |chronokit

whats that on your face.

Was looking through my inventory, found this a amazing beard don’t even remember buying it tho. D;

But took a quick snapshot, liked it so blogged it. (BTW in pretend land, it too me only 3 days to grow this beard.)



Hair | Cheerno
Skin | Body Co.
Glasses | Shade Throne (freebie)
Necklace1 | Modd.G
Necklace2 | mon tissu
Necklace3 | 2lag
Shit | 2 Byte
Jeans | Not So Bad
Shoes| Entente
Beard | Discord Designs
Cigarillo | NikotiN
Piercings |HOD
Bracelet | MANDALA

                                                                                                                                                                                       Later on, I shaved…….