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snow day

upclose sl 1

snow in 3

Coat: Mikunch/down vest(S)black
Holstered Gun: D1&MTG P226
Scarf: TonkTastic – Scarf on Mouth 
Pants: Wonton: St.Laurent Distressed Jeans -Blak
Shoes: AMITOMO.DailyLook Gacha Leather Silver Zipper High-Top (not shown)



Was pretty bored on Second Life today, had nothing to do. So took some quick snaps of Arsonal.  Decided to share with you all.


Skin | Body Co.
Beard | Cheerno
Eyes | TheAbyss
hair | boon
Necklace | 2lag
Watch | mandala
Jacket | hoorenbeek
Shirt | 2byte
Pants | Balkanik 2.0
socks | Maitreya
Shoes | air hare



Hair | Raw House
Ear Plugs | Aitui
Tattoos | Freak & Geeks
Necklaces | mandala
Rings/watch | mandala
Jacket | BareRose
Tee | kal rau
Jeans | Cestar
Belt | Mandala
Shoes | Weird Monkey Design

Warning: This BareRose denim jacket, does not fit over the Kal Rau V-neck. Both are mesh, and not really layer friendly. I still wanted to where them together. Looks nice with pics tho. lol -_-

I’m cool.


Skin | Body Co. (Breeze)
Hair | Iruco – (hair26m )
Tattoos | Freaks & Geeks ( Pharaoh Hott!
Ears | AITUI – (Stretched Ear)
Glasses | Yummy (Round Shades)
Necklaces | CheerNo – (CARAMU)
Shirt | 22769 (longsleeve retro sand)
Watch | chronokit (watch no.10)
Jeans | Kal rau (skinny pants) Hott!

Funkadelic. vol.1


Skin | Body Co. (Breeze)  *new
Beard | Cheerno
Hair | EGO (TAK)
Nose Piercing | Cobrahive
Bandanna | 1st Act
Shades | B l e $ $ (Cartier Buffs)
Necklaces | Mon Tissu (floral Dis Pendant) + (Take Flight)
Ears | AITUI (Stretched Ear) – Taper Vertigo Talon 1/2)
Tank | Eskimo Fashion (Tie Dye Hippie) *new
Rings | epoque (Amen Knuckle)
Shorts | Vive9 (Hogger Shorts)
Shoes | Reek (Patteson Flip Flops)



Hair | EGO ( fur)
Beanie | Maitreya (Unisex Beanie)
Necklace | LaGyo ( Mink fur necklace)
Ears | AITUI ([MESH]  Stretched Ear – Taper Spiral)
Shirt | chronokit (Check red)
Tee | Nanuk (kent tee)
Wrist | Furious Form (Wrist Bandana)
Rings | epoqueEpoquein Pyramid
Pants | Kapone ( Perdupant MESH)
Shoes | Reek (Patteson Flip Flops)