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Coat: Mikunch/down vest(S)black
Holstered Gun: D1&MTG P226
Scarf: TonkTastic – Scarf on Mouth 
Pants: Wonton: St.Laurent Distressed Jeans -Blak
Shoes: AMITOMO.DailyLook Gacha Leather Silver Zipper High-Top (not shown)

Dark, but light.

Blog Post dark halfblogpost dark nite full

Hood: / XIAJ / Black Bear Hood          [The Chapter Four]
Coat: L&B Swear Jacket – “Classic” Black Leather
Shirt: NANUK eloven tank short pink
Holstered Gun: The Crazy G.I.
Waist shirt: *COCO*_ShirtAroundWaist (GinghamCheckRed)    [The Chapter Four]
Pants: .*chronokit* Parachute Sarouel (NEW)

Hair: RAW HOUSE :: Sonny
Hair Base: ILLMATIC :: Shaved Double Part      [KUSTOM9]
Tattoo: CREDO (NECK): Valiant {B&W WORN}

Piercing: -SU!- Elyse Facial Piercings /INK/
Ear Tunnels: Cobrahive – Gauged Earring
Necklace: {mon tissu} Take Flight Necklace ~ Tarnished

Back in Black.

Blog post ana


Coat| [Deadwool] Duster coat
Shirt| RONSEM* Military TEE / black
Drape: Shi : Drape Bermudas
Pants: .Shi : Luca Meggings
Shoes| Lucien.Marcelo // BLACK RAMONES BOOTS

Hair| booN TUN247 hair chocolate

Gloves| Salute – coal
Piercing| -SU!- Elyse Facial Piercings
Ear Tunnels| Cobrahive - Gauged Earring
Ear Piece| .Shi : Journey Earring
Scarf| *chronokit* Scarf01 Plain Black

For Anna’s credits Click Here


I’m Back. (teehe)

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Bigger nerdy blog“1st post in over a year, a little rusty so I figured I’ll give this look a try. Simple “


Coat: DOZZE – 86 Boss Hoodie

Pants: [Deadwool] Jeans + belt (grey) -m-
Shoes: DECO – MESH Classic Sneaks Medium (white)

Hat: 8f8_Sloth Hat

Glasses: NAUK gram glasses

Piercing: -SU!- Elyse Facial Piercings
Ear Tunnels: Cobrahive – Gauged Earring
Bag: DECO Classic Sneak


Was pretty bored on Second Life today, had nothing to do. So took some quick snaps of Arsonal.  Decided to share with you all.


Skin | Body Co.
Beard | Cheerno
Eyes | TheAbyss
hair | boon
Necklace | 2lag
Watch | mandala
Jacket | hoorenbeek
Shirt | 2byte
Pants | Balkanik 2.0
socks | Maitreya
Shoes | air hare



Hair | Raw House
Ear Plugs | Aitui
Tattoos | Freak & Geeks
Necklaces | mandala
Rings/watch | mandala
Jacket | BareRose
Tee | kal rau
Jeans | Cestar
Belt | Mandala
Shoes | Weird Monkey Design

Warning: This BareRose denim jacket, does not fit over the Kal Rau V-neck. Both are mesh, and not really layer friendly. I still wanted to where them together. Looks nice with pics tho. lol -_-